12 Things You Only Know If You Hate Washing Your Hair

We are 90% dry shampoo.

We thought we were bad for not washing our hair enough, but now Gary Barlow has admitted he went a grand total of fourteen years before getting some shampoo on his scalp. Mmm, greasy.

Now we know we should just get it over with, but it is such a lot of effort and we’d rather spend that time watching Netflix.

Here are 12 things you only know if you hate washing your hair.

1. You fear people’s faces when you tell them it has been three weeks since you last shampooed.

2. You don’t understand how people have that much time on their hands.

3. You are baffled when people say they wash their hair daily.

4. You freeze if you have to leave the house in the morning with damp hair.

5. You get arm-ache from using the hairdryer.

6. You know next-day hair is so much easier to style.

7. You know braids are life.

8. You should really have shares in the dry shampoo market.

9. You want to remind your housemates it isn’t you clogging up the plughole with hair.

10. And how you’re really saving the environment.

11. But you can never use the excuse that you’re washing your hair tonight.

12. You secretly wish you could just shave it all off but you just don’t have the nerve to go through with it.


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