How To Actually Peel An Avocado, Because It's Not Like This, Carole

“I'm going to be thinking about Carole peeling an avocado like a potato for possibly the rest of my life.”
"Carole, STOP"
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"Carole, STOP"

Great British Bake Off fans were treated to an action-packed episode on Tuesday as bakers had to take on the tent’s first ever Mexican week.

Two contestants were wiped out in a shock double elimination – but it wasn’t the drama of seeing two of their favourite bakers leave that had viewers chatting on Twitter.

No, instead, we’ve all been left baffled by Carole’s unorthodox way of preparing an avocado.

The week’s theme saw the bakers take on pan dulces, tacos and show-stopping tres leches cakes in the iconic white tent.

For the technical tacos round, contestants had to prepare the famous Mexican dish, complete with steak, refried beans and guacamole (which came with its own controversy as viewers complained there was too much cooking and not enough baking).

And Carole’s way of preparing guacamole is... less than traditional.

Instead of slicing the avocado in half and scooping the flesh from the fruit, fan favourite Carole instead peeled the avocado like a potato.

As any good GBBO fan would do, viewers flocked to Twitter to share their disbelief.

“Going to be thinking about Carole peeling an avocado like a potato for possibly the rest of my life”, one posted.

Another wrote: “Carole is everything I hope to become. Just a mad auld auntie with crazy hair making delicious things for people. Even if along the way I peel an avocado like a potato. I adore her.”

So for Carole’s benefit – and for anyone else reading this and wondering what was wrong with her avocado preparation technique – here’s how you ACTUALLY peel an avocado (with no vegetable peeler in sight).