31/05/2017 10:39 BST

The Trick To Cooling Your Glass Of Wine (Without Watering It Down With Ice Cubes)

Summer, sorted ☀️ 🥂

There’s nothing better than enjoying a cool glass of wine on a sunny, summer afternoon, but adding ice cubes to your drink can dilute the taste.

To avoid this, wine experts recommend adding frozen grapes to your glass to instantly cool down the contents. 

Simply put a bunch of grapes in the freezer, then add to your wine as you sip away and voilà, your beverage will remain cooled to the perfect temperature.

Mitshu via Getty Images

The idea is nothing new, with Lifestyle brand Greatest creating the above instructional video in 2015.

But the neat trick has been doing the rounds again this week, most likely due to the recent burst of warm weather.

According to Ray Abercromby, director at Doyen Wines Ltd, the life hack works well with both red and white wine.

“It’s a great idea and works for both reds (which are often too warm - the phrase ‘drink at room temperature’ is centuries-old, houses were colder then) and whites,” he told the MailOnline.

“Ice is fine, but it dilutes the wine, and nobody wants that. Frozen grapes keep their (frozen) juice inside the grape, so there is very little dilution or flavour transfer taking place.

“It’s best done by putting a few frozen grapes (two or three) into the glass, and swirling the glass around. The effects are almost immediate.”

Of course, you could just use a wine jacket to cool your entire bottle, but if you ask us this idea is a lot more fun. What’s more, you’ll be left with some spare snacks.

Win win. 

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