Summer Giving You Hair Nightmares? Here’s How To Beat It

Summer has finally arrived (thank god), but with it comes a whole host of hair horrors. From frizz in the humidity, to battles with a coarse and dry mane, dealing with your hair when the summer arrives can be a task not for the faint hearted. Here’s just some common summer hair woes and how to deal with them:

Frizz and Humidity

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If you’re prone to a little frizz now and then, the hot summer air definitely won’t be doing you any favours. Applying a smoothing spray pre blow dry and investing in a serum for after straightening will go a long way to prevent those frizzy flyaways. Dry hair with a thin nozzle, blowdrying pointing downwards over a barrel brush. By smoothing the surface of the hair, you’re less likely to experience frizz when the temperature cranks up.

Dry Locks

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“Thick and curly hair are more likely to suffer from dryness.” says Francesca, AHS Hair Technical Expert at Dove “On the other side, over processed hair also tends to become dry as the protective lipidic layer is absent and the hair surface becomes damaged, lacking smoothness, softness, shine and manageability”.

If dryness is causing you chaos, give Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment a try. It’s formulated to help replenish lipids, nourishing the hair to add softness and shine, and contains a blend of oils and smoothing actives to provide optimal nourishment inside and outside the hair fibre to reduce the look and feel of dryness.

Heavy hair getting you down

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If you’re blessed with long locks but are suffering in the heat, it could be time to change things up. By investing in a properly layered hairstyle, you’ll take the weight off and leave your self feeling light as air. What’s more, a good chop will remove the damaged part, leaving you with healthier and stronger hair. Go bold – this summer it’s all about shorter styles, so brave the chop.

Flat As A Pancake

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Sometimes more annoyingly than frizz, the hot weather can cause hair to drop and appear flat, particularly if you have fine hair. Dove Advanced Hair Series Oxygen Moisture is specially formulated to help give volume and lift, with the full range comprising of shampoo, conditioner, root lift spray and a light weight mask.