How To Deal With Low Mood

Low mood is normal, and you can deal with it. But sometimes, you need to do more

Like most other teenagers my age, I deal with constant bouts of low mood. During times like this, you can feel empty, worthless, and constant feeling of sadness. This can only sometimes be put to hormones and mood changes, but much less than adults seem to think.

But, I have found some ways to help me cope.

By no means should you use the things in this list instead of seeking help if you think that you need it, but perhaps when you’re feeling low, they might keep you afloat. Another tiny disclaimer, they don’t always work, and maybe they won’t for you, but maybe just one is worth trying.


When you are feeling like this, don’t push these feelings away or try and bottle them up. That is going to have much worse consequences than letting you feel them, and see that they are valid. Maybe there is a reason for the feelings, or maybe it seems like they are without reason. That doesn’t mean they are not valid. This is something I am still struggling with. Don’t let these feelings over take you, but understand that they are there for a reason, so give yourself space to feel them.


Sometimes, all you need is to listen to music. It can be anything; it can be your favorite song, album, artist, something new, something very old, something just random off YouTube. Anything. And put your headphones in, turn the sound up so it blocks out the rest of the world, and close your eyes. Focus solely on the lyrics, the music, the melody, the beat, anything. Let yourself just get lost completely in the music.


This is the best way I have found so far for me. Whatever I feel, I write down. It doesn’t have to make sense, it doesn’t have to be in a posh notepad and fountain pens, and it doesn’t have to be well thought out. I use the ‘notes’ app that’s pre-downloaded on my phone anyway, and just type as I think. It’s just a way to empty your thoughts out onto a page. It makes them less scary. Easier to face, and disprove most of the time. As a writer, I see a huge difference in the way I write when I feel low, than when I’m afloat. I write shorter sentences, simpler words, jagged starts. It’s very different to my usual writing style. I like seeing the difference.


Another way to deal with it, is just to spend 20 minutes escaping from it. Stories offer the best example of this, so read your favorite sections of your favorite book, watch your favorite film, spend a few hours binging your favorite program. Just let yourself get lost in these things, the same way you would do with the music. Don’t let the armies of other thoughts invade your mind. Focus solely on this one story.


Now, there must be someone in your life, who you can ring up, and just talk to them for a while. Maybe you don’t need to talk about how you’re feeling now. Maybe just chat about something, anything, what you’ve seen on YouTube, what you love about food, and just have a conversation about it. If you want, talk to them about how your feeling. They might have tips of their own.

Low mood is normal, and you can deal with it. But sometimes, you need to do more, and just try a few different things till you find something that works for you. This list works for me, make a list for you.