9 Struggles Of Trying To Look Stylish In The Snow

Heels are just a no.

The snow is finally here, and we’re all desperately trying to work out how to prevent getting hypothermia but not just rock up to work in our pyjamas.

All of a sudden we see the merits of salopettes and wish we had had the foresight to invest in something other than suede loafers, which melt at the slightest sign of rain.

Here are the 9 struggles of trying to look stylish in the snow.

1. Imagining you look like Taylor Swift when you get dressed.

2. But channeling this guy instead.

3. Constantly dealing with wet socks.

4. Forgetting that heels are just not an option.

5. Endlessly losing one of your gloves.

6. Trying to master layering but looking like the Michelin man. .

7. Wondering if fake fur could be a look for you.

8. Giving up on hair and make up completely.

9. Wanting to live in your dressing gown.


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