We’re officially being trolled by mother nature.
The 'Bieldside Beehive' comes with a working fireplace, a ceiling light, and even a tablet built into the wall.
Some areas of the country could see as much as 20cm of snow, with amber weather alerts in place.
Need some joy? Giant pandas sliding starfish-style in the snow in a video released by the Smithsonian’s National Zoo on Sunday will likely do the trick.
As large swathes of the country were blanketed in heavy snow.
Homes and cars were almost completely buried, as thousands of households were left without power in the wake of the storm.
With rumours of a “40-day freeze”, could a fluttering of snow be on the cards for Brits come 25 December? 🌨❄️
Snow fights and sledding were all the rage across Eastern Australia with wild weather conditions creating a winter wonderland. Damaging winds and large swells caused travel delays across Sydney and dumped snow on the northern state of Queensland, which is a rare occasion for the usually sunshine drenched region.