15 Things To Consider Before Throwing Your Own New Year's Eve Party

Sticky floors.

Everyone knows that New Year’s Eve is a perpetual disappointment, the pressure is simply too immense.

But this year, you’ve only gone and had a lightbulb moment - you’re going to cheat the system because you’re going to play host instead.

However, before you send out those Facebook invites, consider these 15 points and ask yourself, do you really want to do this?

1. You will be responsible for everyone having a good night.

2. You will have to achieve the perfect guest list balance.

3. You will need to stop people bringing weird plus ones.

4. You will quickly remember you actually hate hosting.

5. You will watch people destroy your Oliver Bonas cushions.

6. You will need to make every surface wipe-clean.

7. You will need a playlist that isn’t just your Kylie back catalogue.

8. You will need to have plenty of drinks on standby when people forget to BYOB.

9. You will need to provide a buffet of nibbles.

10. And if you don’t people will eat the contents of your fridge.

11. You will not be able to watch Jools Holland’s Hootenanny.

12. You will need to recruit someone to kiss at midnight.

13. You will not be getting any sleep.

14. You will have to clean up, this isn’t your parents house anymore.

15. And when next year rolls around, everyone will convince you to do it again.

You’re in this for the long haul now.