5 Not-So-Subtle Signs You're Really Good At Sex

Everyone is still awake at the end.

Ever had sex and came away wondering what sort of impression you made between the sheets?

A few days ago Redditors were kind enough to enlighten us all with some of their suggestions about what makes you a real sex god.

Lots of news publications covered it in a fairly sober way - including ‘you’re good at petting cats’ - but in true HuffPost style, we’ve decided to pool our sexual knowledge to help you out with the not-so-subtle signs that you’re really damn good at sex.

1. They don’t fall asleep.

First hurdle.

2. You don’t fall asleep.

Now is not the time to power nap, people.

3. They don’t stop you halfway through.

Sorry, was something happening here?

4. They don’t check their Whatsapp notifications.

Or call for an Uber mid-way.

5. Your neighbours fist-bump you when you leave the house.

Those noise complaints are what it’s all about.