How To Make Work More Fun

Pranks, games and jokes to liven up the office.

Offices can be quite boring, and often meetings can seem endless. That's why you need to spice things up a bit.

Luckily, comedy duo Tripp And Tyler have put together this handy little guide to keeping things fresh around the workplace, including a few games and pranks you can get your colleagues involved with.

The pair also asked their fans to submit some more ideas in the comments section, which led to a constantly evolving list of great pranks and jokes. Here's a few of our favourites:

“Flip your coworkers desktop dislpay upside down (Alt + Ctrl + down arrow key). Works every time.”

- Ashley Marie

“Pop the keys off the keyboard shuffle them around and put them back in new locations. Doing that you can leave simple messages for each other.”

- Allen Demers

“My personal favorite is wrapping three or four snap poppers an placing them under the lid of the toilet seat.”

- Lisa Martin

“Add a second wireless mouse to a computer nearby and randomly move & click when the person is typing.”

- Tom Garland

“Put all of their desk supplies in the vending machine.”


“I heard of a person who's coworker complained of someone stealing his spoons. So the entire office started adding lines and lines of the word "spoon" to the end of his emails in white text so it wouldn't be noticed. Since this was his Gmail account, Google would put up ads all over his screen for spoons every time he opened it. He started to freak and think Google was reading his mind.”

- Jonathan Aitken