This Is How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster, Because Apparently We're All Dying To Know

We'll all be Rapunzel in 2017.

Google has released its 2016 list of the most-searched questions we have been asking all year long, and it seems all we really want for Christmas is long hair.

That’s right, apparently we all had a massive wave of hair-cutters-regret in the wake of the lob becoming the haircut of 2016, and now we just want our locks back in situ.

So as an early Christmas present, we’ve compiled some expert advice from around the web on how to speed up the process. Not tried and tested by us, we’ll leave it to you to work out just how effective they really are.

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1. Go for a trim.

Ok, okay, bear with us. We know this sounds like we’ve completely misunderstood the assignment, but Vogue says that getting your hair cut actually helps it grow faster. If you let split ends move all the way up your hair, then when you do go to the hairdressers they’re going to have to cut half of it off. And nobody wants that.

2. Lay off the heat tools.

We all know how much the liberal use of the hairdryer and straighteners are slowly destroying our glossy mane, but it’s often hard to resist when you’re having a bad hair day. But if you’re in this for the long haul then you’re going to need to down tools (at least temporarily), says Marie Claire.

3. Use conditioner.

Condition, condition, condition. And not one of those 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioners. If your hair is going to have the strength it needs to grow quickly and not just split and break off, then it needs to be treated well. Using conditioner restores essential nutrients, according to Cosmopolitan.

4. Sleep on a silk pillow case.

We’ve just added this one in, because frankly, who doesn’t want to sleep on a silk pillow case? And now we’ve justified the expenditure because according to Good Housekeeping it’s going to make our hair grow too. Win win.

5. Look at your diet.

Like all parts of your body, you can’t expect them to perform at their best if you’re not fueling them correctly. When was the last time you ate your five a day? Doctor Jessica Wu, told The Huffington Post: “Both skin and hair are a barometer of how well (or how poorly) you’re feeding the body.”

So if, like us, you’ve been scrimping around the holidays, then get some greens on your plate.

6. Cold water rinse.

Admittedly this isn’t exactly what we all want to do on a winter’s morning, but this old playground-rumour seems to be standing the test of time, and Marie Claire say that it is because it seals your hair follicles and protects against damage. And even if it does nothing, at least it will wake you up properly.


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