How To Pack Over 100 Items Into Your Hand Luggage

As demonstrated by a packing wizard

Traveling with hand luggage only is a surefire way to save time at the airport.

And with the right know-how, you can pack just as many clothes into your small carry-on as you can in a regular suitcase.

In the video above, actress and travel blogger Rachel Grant demonstrates how to pack more than 100 items into a bag you can take with you on the plane.

The video has been created to promote Biaggi Zipsak suitcases, but Grant offers some top packing tips that will help you whatever brand your luggage is.

She recommends rolling clothes to save space and placing clothes of similar shapes together. She also notes that picking lightweight fabrics will limit the amount of space you use.

Grant adds that packing heavy items such as shoes at the bottom of your bag will help. She stuffs shoes with folded socks and ties them with rubber bands to keep them compact.

We’ll never pay for extra luggage again.

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