20/07/2016 16:20 BST

5 Beauty Products To Help Heal Sunburn Fast

Go outside they said, it will be fun they said.

Preventing sunburn should be your first port of call this summer, but when the hottest day of the year comes around with no warning at all (seriously, it was raining last week) it can catch even the most cautious of us by surprise.

So when it’s all too late, what can you do to banish that painful redness fast?

NHS Choices recommend cooling the skin by sponging it with cold water or having a cold bath or shower - but avoid using soap as this can irritate burns.

Along with drinking plenty of fluids, they also suggest applying a product to keep skin cool and moist - and here’s where we come in.

These five beauty products are tried, tested and clinically proven to reduce sunburn in record time (pro tip: keep them in the fridge for an extra-soothing chill factor).

  • Zk'in Hydrating Mist
    £22.95 from

    Cool down burnt skin in an instant as this seaweed-enriched spray evaporates.

    Its all-organic formula is also proven to reduce redness after UV exposure by 50% after two hours.
  • HealGel Body
    £39.50 from

    The original HealGel was created by plastic surgeons to heal scars, but the brand's body version is perfect for sunburn - helpingto reduce irritation and calm redness with arnica and madecassoside.

    But if you've sunburnt your face, and are prone to breakouts, HealGel Intensive is the one you need.
  • Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel
    Banana Boat
    £6.50 from

    Touted as the 'burn plant', aloe vera is one of the most commonly used cures for sunburn.

    This one may be budget, but it works like the best of 'em.
  • DNA Regeneration Serum by DNA Renewal
    DNA Renewal
    £85 from

    A hefty price tag for a teeny 30ml tube, but this one's for the serious skincare devotees (oh, and fyi it's for your face, but you could also slather on your body if you're rolling in dough).

    This lightweight serum delivers a high dose of Nobel Prize-winning epidermal growth factor to help repair skin on a deeper level.
  • Time Bomb Over-Exposed Sun Damage Rescue
    Time Bomb
    £39 from

    The latest product from Lulu's anti-ageing beauty range promises to reduct the feel of dry, tight, leathery skin.

    Powerful peptides help kick-start skin into repair mode, while antioxidant pycnogenol helps inhibit the impact of UV rays.
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