Daily Act Of Feminism: Donate To Women's Charities

These charities are advancing women around the world 🌎

To celebrate International Women’s Day on 8th March, HuffPost UK is considering the practical habits you can adopt to support women in your everyday life. Read more in the series here.

There are a number of not-for-profit organisations doing their part to advance women around the world, and many rely solely on donations and volunteers to keep their work going. Committing to volunteering, or giving a financial contribution to charities fighting for women and their rights, can make a real impact. Here are three female-focused charities working to support women.

End Violence Against Women

The End Violence Against Women (EVAW) Coalition is a campaigning charity which lobbies government to change policies that harm women. It also engages in discussions about violence against women and girls, in an effort to remind people about the need for culture change.

“We don’t receive any government funding,” explains Rachel Krys, co-director, EVAW. “Our membership is made up of organisations which provide life-saving services for women who are vulnerable to or have experienced violence in many different forms. This may be emotional support, refuge, legal advocacy, practical advice or help with housing and rebuilding lives.

“We bring together all of this knowledge and experience and make the case for resources and policy change to government. Together we have a more powerful voice, and joining up knowledge about all the different types of violence against women means the change we campaign for has a positive impact on women from all backgrounds and communities in the UK.”

Find out more and donate here.


Young Women’s Trust

The Young Women’s Trust (YWT) supports and represents women aged 16-30 struggling to live on low or no pay in England and Wales and at risk of being trapped in poverty. YWT offers free coaching and personalised advice on job applications, conducts research, runs campaigns and works with young women to build their confidence.

“Donations are crucial,” explains Joe Levenson, from the charity. “They give lost young women confidence and direction through sessions with a trained coach.

“They help young women make top notch CVs that get them past the wall of automated rejection emails. And they get young women in the press and in front of politicians.”

Find out more and donate here.

Cristina Rossi Women for Women International

Women For Women International

Women for Women International works with women survivors of war – 462,000 women globally since 1993 – providing them with support to lift themselves and their families out of poverty. They’ve helped women in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kosovo, Nigeria, Rwanda and South Sudan. The charity provides a unique 12-month training programme, where women meet twice a week for life-skills training. This is funded by donations.

“The women we serve have experienced the worst of humanity,” said Aleksandra Michalik, from the charity. “They may have been forced to flee their home in search of safety. We know now that women are resilient and determined; when given the right support and tools they will thrive and become agents of change - helping not just themselves, but communities in which they live.”

Find out more and donate here.

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