So, You Don't Use Cashback While Shopping Online? You're Missing Out On Free Money

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We’re all looking to save money where we can. In our new series, Small Change, financial gurus share everyday hacks that soon add up.

If you’re not using cashback sites while you shop online, you are missing out on free money. It’s that simple.

Joseph Seager, founder of the Thrifty Chap blog, tells us that utilising cashback sites is one of the easiest ways to make savings without compromising on your purchases.

“If you shop online, rather than going directly to the retailer you want to buy from, click through via a cashback site such as Quidco. You’ll find loads of brands on there such as Currys, Boots and Screwfix,” he explains.

“By clicking though the cashback site, your journey tracks and you’ll earn cashback on what you buy. It could be up to 10% cashback when you shop with Superdrug, or 6% when you buy from”

How do cashback sites work?

Cashback sites are nothing new, but if you haven’t got acquainted with them yet, now is definitely the time.

The terms and conditions can vary from site to site, but the key principe remains the same: consumers earn rewards for using the site.

Quidco, the biggest in the biz, explains: “Whenever you see advertising online, the brand has paid everyone involved to see that advert, except you. We do a similar thing, except, instead of keeping all the money, we pay you a chunky slice back in the form of cashback.”

The discount usually won’t be instant or appear in your basket (sorry). Instead, you can ‘cash out’ your earnings via PayPal, bank transfer or a gift card. If you pick the latter, sometimes you’ll get an extra bonus.

There are dozens of brands listed on cashback sites, including fashion retailers like ASOS and M&S, home brands like Dunelm and Argos, and travel companies like TUI and Expedia. If you’re shopping with these brands anyway, there is no reason not to claim cashback.

Any other cashback hacks to recommend?

Seager also recommends JamDoughnut – an app that gives you cashback when you buy gift cards.

“I’m not usually a huge fan of gift cards because if the company goes bust, you usually lose your money. However, if you buy them to use there and then, this trick is fantastic,” he says.

“Buy a gift card to pay for your Asda shopping (instead of using your Debit card) and you’ll earn 3% as cashback. You can get 4% for Argos, 8.5% for Costa Coffee. This app is a great way to slash the price you are paying.”

Another great way to earn cashback on every purchase you make is by using a cashback card.

Chase has an account that gives you 1% cashback for 12 months,” Seager explains. “Do all your spending with that card and you’ll reap the benefits.

“Of course, you could combine the above ideas to double your cashback.”

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