17/03/2016 11:38 GMT | Updated 17/03/2016 11:57 GMT

How Your Credit Card Details Can Be Stolen In Three Seconds

This is terrifying

New footage has revealed how terrifyingly easy it is to steal someone's credit card details. 

Security cameras at a petrol station in Miami Beach, Florida, captured a man fitting a card reader with a skimmer.

The video, published on YouTube, shows three men distracting a store employee working behind the counter.

 While two men purchase items with cash, a third man sneaks behind the paying customers and fits the credit card machine with a skimmer. 

Perhaps, the scariest aspect of the footage is that the entire stunt only takes around three seconds. 

According to, point-of-sale skimmers have become increasingly sophisticated.

This video shows one particular skimmer and the ease with which it can be fitted.

The fake PIN pad captures key presses and records data on the magnetic card, reports.

Underneath the gadget is a tiny battery and a flash storage card where all the information is stored.