It's tempting to open surprise parcels, but unless you ordered the item, don't.
Scammers are posing as the NHS, asking for personal details to create your Covid Pass.
Millions of pounds have already been lost to scammers exploiting the coronavirus crisis.
Wellness culture is capitalising on Covid-19. Here's what's a myth and what actually keeps you healthy.
People desperately seek ways to help but opportunistic users have dollars and likes in mind.
Gen Z’s favorite app is dealing with an elaborate NSFW scam.
Facebook hasn’t done enough to deal with the scammers who already frequent the site.
When you read stories about phishing, do you think 'that'll never happen to me'? Chances are, if you think that, you're probably under 25. Now this isn't a generalisation - our research proves that a quarter of young people think they are too savvy to get phished and one in ten think phishing 'only happens to old people'.
In recent years I have grown accustomed to the emails legitimately soliciting new business such as appeared in my inbox this
No one wants to be caught out abroad. Tourist scams can affect anyone. At best, they're annoying, but at worst they can be dangerous.
For example too many employees, temporary or otherwise, think nothing of exchanging sensitive database information with colleagues via mobile messaging accounts, uploading the data to personal devices, sharing passwords and so on.
Scams can vary greatly in their nature and execution methods, but the majority of them work by emotionally manipulating their victims' behaviour through greed, desire or fear. For this reason, keeping in mind a simple acronym, MELT - which stands for Money, Employment, Love and Threats -
New footage has revealed how terrifyingly easy it is to steal someone's credit card details.  Security cameras at a petrol
Players are easy targets. We've got a lot of money to throw around and half of us don't know what to do with it; so a lack of business acumen, twinned with poor or dishonest advice, quickly becomes a recipe for disaster. The situation isn't made any better of that the macho attitude has disdained asking for help or admitting you have a problem.
Paul Barrington was given quite a shock when a £300 MacBook he bought from eBay turned out to be nothing more than a small
Whilst it's a perfect time to find Christmas presents at dream prices, if you aren't careful you could walk into a Christmas nightmare and become the victim of an online scams! With so many people online, it is a scammers paradise!
In the hunt for company, many men are putting themselves at risk, becoming an unwitting target for scammers and cyber-thieves... The world of online dating has always drawn the attention of fraudsters, since it offers a large pool of potential victims.
But it's the one or two that do take advantage of the wannabees that ruin the reputation of the industry for the rest of us. It doesn't take much for the media to make the modelling industry public enemy number one and sadly the negative stories will always get more exposure than the many honest people working in the industry that are helping to secure their models a good working wage.
In short, any agent who is not registered and cannot provide anything in writing needs to be given a wide berth. Otherwise for many it could mean not just a ruined Eid, but also the trip of a lifetime.