Best Gin And Tonic In A Can, As Tested By HuffPost UK – Review

We put Sipsmith, M&S, Gordons and Sainsbury's to the test.

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We’ve long been fans of gin-in-a-tin – our go-to drink for sipping on train rides, nursing on the London Underground as we scroll through our phones (hi Diane!), or when we’re just chilling in the church with our priest pals.

But which is the tastiest and best value for money? HuffPost UK put them to the test.

Gordon’s, £1.80 – Score: 4/5

“A classic.” That’s how our reviewers unanimously describe that familiar Gordon’s taste. “I reckon 90% of the gin I’ve had in my life has been Gordon’s, maybe even more,” reflects one member of the team.

The mix does taste and smell quite gin-y, but it manages to be neither too sharp, nor too sweet. Goldilocks would be a fan. “I could easily knock back five (but I probably shouldn’t),” admits one tester.

Offering a respectable 5% alcohol and priced at £1.80 (although it’s often on offer), you can’t really go wrong.

Sipsmith, £2.75 – Score 4.5/5

First things, this comes in gorgeous can: “If I was going to be photographed on a train with a tinny, I’d want it to be this one,” notes one reviewer. So a classy start.

On first sniff, Sipsmith’s gin-in-a-tin smells incredibly perfumed, with a strong floral scent. Some testers consider it slightly overpowering and synthetic, but for another, it just adds to the “summer garden vibes”.

Scent aside, everyone agrees that this mix is tastier than Gordon’s – slightly sweeter and also far stronger (it’s 7%). It’s the most expensive by some way, but worth it if you fancy treating yourself.

The cans are available now from Ocado and Co-op and will roll out to wider retailers including Tesco and Waitrose from early May.

Sainsbury’s, £1 – Score: 3/5

This offering tastes really quite citrussy and slightly sweet – almost more like a lemonade than a G&T. How can this drink possibly be 5% alcohol?

We can’t deny it’s a nice taste, but this has to come with a health warning: “I prefer to taste my alcohol and keep track of how much I’m knocking back,” jokes one reviewer. “Be warned: this bevvy could be lethal.”

It might be nice if you don’t actually like the taste of gin – but if you don’t like gin, why not try a mojito?

M&S, £1.90 – Score: 1/5

*Sadly, this is no longer for sale*

Blimey, this one packs a punch. It’s the strongest of the lot at 8% – and you can definitely tell.

It’s a very dry G&T, verging on unpalatable, tbh. No one fancies finishing off the can, which says a lot among a group of big gin drinkers.

One reviewer sums it up: “I remember accidentally drinking one of my mum’s strong G&Ts as a child. I’d thought it was lemonade and got quite the shock, this reminds me of that moment. The word ‘petrol’ springs to mind.”

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