Payday Millionaire: The Round Straw Bag You Need This Summer

And let me tell you why...

In our monthly series, Payday Millionaire, we’ll bring you one treat yo’self item to splurge your hard-earned cash on.

Straw bags are having a moment. Whether as oversized shoppers, cross-body bags or large clutches, we’re getting serious beachy vibes.

But let’s face it, when a trend takes off it can be a little overwhelming to sort through the shit and find anything decent.

This bag from Mango is the best I’ve seen. Trust me, I’ve been searching for one for a while.

Why this one? Firstly, the circular pattern, which is different to the standard weave on these bags, makes it look more expensive than it actually is. Psst, it’s only £29.99.

The shade of jute, which the bag is made from, is also just right (making me sound like a crazed boho Goldilocks). Some bags are too pale or saturated for my liking – both of which make them look cheap.

This bag is beautiful but practical – roomy enough to pack a jacket for a chilly summer evening (or a towel if you’re beach bound), with a handle long enough to fit comfortably over your arm. Life’s too short to hold one of those trendy round-handled bags in one hand IMO.

The pattern does mean there are tiny holes scattered over the bag, so don’t throw loose change in there – unless you fancy losing it. Oh, and your book might get a bit wet if it rains.

Dimensions: 17.72L x 17.72H x 2.36W (inches).

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