Hull Smells According To A Lot Of People Who Live There And No One Knows Why

The smell 'should be banned under the Geneva Convention'.
<strong>Hull smells</strong>
Hull smells
Blom UK via Getty Images

Hull smells.

This is not us passinge judgement. The city of Hull smells of fish and people are desperately trying to figure out why.

People on Twitter asked “WHY DOES HULL SMELL LIKE FISH” at around 9.30pm on Tuesday evening.

Local paper The Hull Daily Mail went to work and was told by Yorkshire Water that attempts to flush out sewers may have been responsible.

But the paper is still trying to confirm the source of the smell.

On its Facebook page, locals lined up to describe the awfulness of the smell and having to close windows to keep it out.

The A1079 up near Market Weighton and Pocklington and the A165 near Coniston have been smelling of fish that’s been half eaten and sicked back up then left to rot for weeks now,” Andy Ward said.

“I’ve never smelt anything like this before, must be a new type of fertiliser, it should be banned under the Geneva Convention.”

Lisamarie Rudge said: “I thought a fish market had set up in my street... All windows had to be closed as was nearly throwing up with the smell.”

Laura Nicole Howard said: “Actually smelt of maggots, fish, bin juice and rotting flesh all in one.”

She then used a thumbs down emoji to further convey what the smell was like.