I Am Not Jesus, Says Bearded, Barefoot Australian Wandering Around Kenya

He’s definitely, 100% just a dude from Australia. And not Jesus.

Things took a dark turn for a bearded, long-haired, barefooted Australian tourist on a journey through Kenya when he had to refute angry social media claims that he was going around calling himself Jesus. He'd been in the East African country for a short while, and had been accepted quite warmly by the people he met. But it seems some people interpreted the whole free-spirited look another way.

It came to his attention that a Facebook post was circulating about "this Mzungu walking in Nairobi bare foot claiming to be Jesus Christ". It then proposes that a committee should deal with him in a most violent way.

"I shouldn't have to respond to such close minded nonsense but a quick message to whoever posted the photo and comment," a clearly alarmed Daniel Christos wrote on his own Facebook page. "I AM NOT JESUS! I HAVE NEVER PRETENDED TO BE."

Did I mention that his name is Daniel Christos? Yeah, his last name is Christos.

It would appear that the misunderstanding is limited to a very small number of individuals, however. Media reports from Kenya have rather highlighted just how well received he's been in the country by various people.

And shame, he's very sweet in TV interviews.

"Nobody knows what Jesus looked liked. We only have these images that are put up in the church," Christos said in an interview with Kenyan television. Nah fair dinkum, mate.