This Period Song Is The Perfect Tune For Men Who Are Grossed Out By Menstruation

'I got that flow.' 💪

It’s sad that we still live in a world where some men are grossed out by periods.

And that’s why Skit Box’s latest song is so bloody important.

The song, called ‘I Got That Flow’, hilariously points out that being freaked out by a natural occurrence is ridiculous, especially when a lot of guys will regularly indulge in watching UFC and boxing.

Adele Vuko, Sarah Bishop and Greta Lee Jackson rap and sing about the trials and tribulations women face every month - with plenty of sass.

“Someone give me something tasty, like a chocolate or a pastry,” one of them sings.

“I can’t go on that first date, ‘cause I am dripping ovulate,” another says.

All in all, the video is brilliantly silly, but it does call into question why such a natural bodily process is the subject of such squeamishness among our male peers.

The song continues: “If you think me talking about my flow is wrong, well that’s the whole reason why we wrote this song.

“It’s here and it’s gonna make our vaginas, look like that corridor from The Shining.”