ICYMI: Things You're 'Not Allowed' To Take With You In 2018

Please; and thank you.
It's nearly 2018, remember the #ThingsToLeaveIn2017? Have a prosperous year.
It's nearly 2018, remember the #ThingsToLeaveIn2017? Have a prosperous year.
Anatoliy Sizov via Getty Images

It will be 2018 in just a few hours, and if you have your resolutions in place already, then great.

If not, then you might want to read on.

Twitter users have taken the responsibility of compiling a list of all the things people "cannot" take with them into the new year.

South African Twitter has spoken, under the hashtag #ThingsToLeaveIn2017, and Donald Trump, Zuma, f*ckboys, ''hoerism", fake friends and being broke are among the top items on the list.

If you missed it, here's what Twitter reckons we all need to make a fresh start on in 2018:

1. Apple, if you're listening, that autocorrect is not always cool, thanks:

2. We're done with cheaters in 2018:

3. What's the term again? Oh "fake friends":

4. If this is you, please change. There's hope for you in 2018:

5. Crushes that just won't do the "right thing". Mxm:


Happy New Year everybody! We hope you have a safe crossover and a prosperous 2018.


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