Saucy Cucumber Signs Found In Tesco Are Pretty Risqué

No, *you're* immature.
Adene Sanchez via Getty Images

Forget the M&S “love sausage”, Tesco appears to be getting in on the saucy Valentine’s food action – with cucumbers.

Shoppers have been left giggling after spotting signs in some stores suggesting the cucumbers are “ideal for Valentine’s”.

One customer told Bristol Live they’d spotted an extra risqué version of the cucumber poster in their local store.

“Valentine’s Day special sale: if in doubt come explore a wide range of cucumbers for your loved ones for just 20p!” the poster reads.

A Tesco spokesperson, however, told Bristol Live the cheeky sign has nothing to do with them. “This is not one of our posters, but we do have a wide range of more conventional Valentine’s gifts to choose from, including chocolates and flowers,” they said.

HuffPost UK has contacted Tesco to find out what’s going on, but we’re hoping it’s the case of some maverick employees recycling old signs from 2016. Back then, Tesco hit headlines for labelling cucumbers and whipped cream “ideal for Valentine’s” in some of its stores.

If you’d prefer to steer clear of cucumbers this Valentine’s Day (probably wise), check out our roundup of the best sex toys for couples instead.

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