06/12/2017 11:56 GMT | Updated 06/12/2017 16:38 GMT

'I'm A Celebrity' Fans Praise Ant And Dec For Proving Iain Lee Didn't Lie About Bushtucker Trial

Dennis Wise might want to brush up on the metric system.

‘I’m A Celebrity’ viewers were thrilled for Iain Lee last night (5 December), when Ant and Dec proved the comedian hadn’t been lying to his campmates earlier in the series.

Iain was forced to duck out of a Bushtucker Trial that would see him submerging himself in a pool of water to collect stars after just a few seconds, telling the rest of the group that the three-metre plunge would be too much for him.

Iain pulled out of the Temple Of Gloom challenge after just a few seconds

In Tuesday’s show, the challenge was reintroduced for Dennis Wise to take on, successfully managing to pick all eight of the stars and therefore bagging a meal for each of the remaining contestants.

When Dennis came back, he claimed to the rest of the group that Iain had been exaggerating about the severity of the challenge, claiming the pool was only a metre and a half deep.

Dennis Wise

However, Ant and Dec were quick to clarify for viewers that Iain actually had been telling the truth, revealing the pool was 2.97m deep, and getting an enthusiastic thumbs up from ‘I’m A Celeb’ fans…

This isn’t the first time that Iain has been wrongly accused by his campmates, after he and Amir Khan confessed to scoffing the group’s strawberries and cream, which they’d all won as a treat.

Iain unloads in the jungle telegraph

When Amir was asked whether Iain had come up with the idea, he allowed them to believe that this was the case, when actually the boxer was the instigator in what has since been dubbed “strawberry-gate” by fans.

‘I’m A Celebrity’ airs every weeknight on ITV.

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