01/08/2018 10:00 BST | Updated 01/08/2018 10:24 BST

Incredible Photos Celebrate Breastfeeding Mums Around The World

'They are all united in the undisputed love and dedication they have in caring for their baby.'

A photographer has travelled to 19 countries to capture incredibly candid moments between mums and their breastfeeding babies.

New York City-based photographer Tina Boyadjieva ventured to countries including South Africa, Uganda, China, Turkey, the UK and Peru to celebrate the bond between babies and their mothers across different cultures, ahead of World Breastfeeding Week (1 August). Some of the women even shared an insight into their lives, as well as the trials and tribulations of breastfeeding. 

The photographs were taken in collaboration with Lansinoh, which specialises in breastfeeding products. The company’s CEO Kevin Vyse-Peacock said of the pictures: “Even though every mother has a different journey, they are all united in the undisputed love and dedication they have in caring for their baby.”

  • Alane in Brazil
    Alane in Brazil
    Tina Boyadjieva
  • Corina in Argentina
    Corina in Argentina
    Tina Boyadjieva
    "I had a really tough time with breastfeeding."
  • Cecilia in China
    Cecilia in China
    Tina Boyadjieva
  • Karine in Brazil
    Karine in Brazil
    Tina Boyadjieva
  • Mali in Israel
    Mali in Israel
    Tina Boyadjieva
    "It was really tough for me to get started. But I stuck with it. I believe I'm giving life to my baby by breastfeeding."
  • Stefani in Argentina
    Stefani in Argentina
    Tina Boyadjieva
    "Breastfeeding is the most beautiful experience.  Everyone tells you that when you have a baby, breastfeeding will be an amazing thing. But you don’t realise how beautiful it is, until you actually do it."
  • Hilda in Mexico
    Hilda in Mexico
    Tina Boyadjieva
  • Silvina in Argentina
    Silvina in Argentina
    Tina Boyadjieva
    "I breastfed my eldest, 15 years ago, and now I'm breastfeeding my 1 year old."
  • Orhahen in Israel
    Orhahen in Israel
    Tina Boyadjieva
    "I only breastfeed on one side. He's never been sick and I believe that breastfeeding has a lot to do with that. We both love it, so I have no idea when I'll stop."
  • Sylvia in Uganda
    Sylvia in Uganda
    Tina Boyadjieva
  • Celina in France
    Celina in France
    Tina Boyadjieva
    "She's my first. She's just 4 months old, but has had two heart surgeries."
  • Marta in Spain
    Marta in Spain
    Tina Boyadjieva
  • Esra in Turkey
    Esra in Turkey
    Tina Boyadjieva
    "I am a single mom and chose to have a baby by myself at 42."
  • Glenda in Brazil
    Glenda in Brazil
    Tina Boyadjieva
  • Daria in New York, US
    Daria in New York, US
    Tina Boyadjieva
  • Rocio in Peru
    Rocio in Peru
    Tina Boyadjieva
  • Sophia in Uganda
    Sophia in Uganda
    Tina Boyadjieva
    "I keep my baby with me all day. I grow food so I can sell [it] at the market."
  • Erika in Brazil
    Erika in Brazil
    Tina Boyadjieva
  • Rainbow in China
    Rainbow in China
    Tina Boyadjieva
  • Irene in Mexico
    Irene in Mexico
    Tina Boyadjieva
  • Suyia in Kenya
    Suyia in Kenya
    Tina Boyadjieva
  • Sophie in the UK
    Sophie in the UK
    Tina Boyadjieva
    "We had some difficulties during the first couple of weeks. He's now 5 months old and we both really enjoy it."
  • Juma in Brazil
    Juma in Brazil
    Tina Boyadjieva
  • Jessica in Uganda
    Jessica in Uganda
    Tina Boyadjieva
    "I have two children and we have a small shop. Until she can walk, she will stay with me."
  • Janine in Germany
    Janine in Germany
    Tina Boyadjieva
    "I love breastfeeding - I feel such a strong bond with both of my children. I am so thrilled to do it now, for them. But I am looking forward to going back to work."
  • Silvia in Guatemala
    Silvia in Guatemala
    Tina Boyadjieva
  • Leandra in Germany
    Leandra in Germany
    Tina Boyadjieva
    "I absolutely love breastfeeding. It came really easily to me."
  • Ritah in Uganda
    Ritah in Uganda
    Tina Boyadjieva
    "My own mother died when I was very young. I don't know my birthday.   am so happy to be a mum to my son."
  • Eunice in South Africa
    Eunice in South Africa
    Tina Boyadjieva
    "I have a four-month-old and I believe breastfeeding is the strongest and purest bond between me and my baby.  I plan to breastfeed for as long as I am able."
  • Faith in Kenya
    Faith in Kenya
    Tina Boyadjieva
  • Leonarda in Peru
    Leonarda in Peru
    Tina Boyadjieva
  • Tamar in South Africa
    Tamar in South Africa
    Tina Boyadjieva
  • Maryluz in Peru
    Maryluz in Peru
    Tina Boyadjieva
  • Gulsah in Turkey
    Gulsah in Turkey
    Tina Boyadjieva
  • Andressa from Brazil
    Andressa from Brazil
    Tina Boyadjieva
  • Procy in Uganda
    Procy in Uganda
    Tina Boyadjieva
  • Margarita in Guatemala
    Margarita in Guatemala
    Tina Boyadjieva
  • Alejandra from Guatemala
    Alejandra from Guatemala
    Tina Boyadjieva
  • Surya in Sri Lanka
    Surya in Sri Lanka
    Tina Boyadjieva
    "I am 30 years old with four children. I live close to the tea plantation. A typical day at the tea plantation is 10-12 hours."
  • Dominika in Poland
    Dominika in Poland
    Tina Boyadjieva
    "I have four kids. I breastfed my others until they were 2 years old and I plan to do the same."
  • Patricia in South Africa
    Patricia in South Africa
    Tina Boyadjieva