Inflation Has Inspired A Fresh New Dating Trend

It was going to happen eventually.
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As the weather gets warmer, singles are starting to plan their hot girl/boy summers. But which dating trends are set to dominate the lives of singletons throughout 2023?

From infla-dating (thanks to the cost of living crisis) to green dating, engagement ring specialists Angelic Diamonds predict these will be the next big trends in the world of dating.

1. Infla-dating

Money has been on nearly everyone’s mind due to the cost of living crisis. So, unsurprisingly then, singles are trying to find ways to date on the cheap, including opting for less-expensive outings with a romantic partner during these uncertain economic times.

Additionally, people are being more upfront about their personal financial situations.

2. Monogamish

It sounds like another word for an ‘open relationship’ but it’s actually not the same – it refers to a relationship that is mostly closed, but allows people in relationships to flirt or even casually have sex with another person (as long as everyone is on board with it).

Usually, romance is off the table – and there may be other terms such as you’re only allowed to have sex when abroad or away from home.

3. Green dating

This dating trend is for people interested in environmentalism and going on ‘green’ dates using eco-friendly transportation, supporting sustainable businesses, and participating in outdoor activities that focus on an appreciation for nature.

4. Eco dating

Similar to green dating, this trend focuses less on the dates themselves, and instead on finding a romantic partner who shares similar values and lifestyle choices that prioritise environmental sustainability. See also: ‘eco dumping’, where a relationship ends due to differing views on the environment.

5. Darwinning

In short: the act of avoiding anyone who doesn’t believe in science, such as anti-vaxxers and flat-earthers.

6. Cyberflashing

Sadly not all trends are wholesome and fun. Cyberflashing is when unsolicited sexual images are sent to another person through digital means, without their consent. This can occur on dating apps, social media platforms, text messages, or even through file-sharing services, such as Apple Airdrop. It goes without saying this isn’t a trend you should try.

7. Untyping

Do you have a type? And more importantly, have you noticed your type is usually someone who is trash? Well, this trend might be for you.

The “untyping” dating trend is the act of dating people outside of one’s usual “type”. It is a term that has been coined to describe the practice of deliberately seeking out partners who do not match one’s typical preferences or characteristics.

8. Dawn Dating

This is all about those early morning dates, such as heading for coffee or even going on a run. There are many benefits to this – firstly, it’s a good way to start your day as there’s a sense of calm and tranquillity that can be hard to find during the hustle and bustle of the day.

Secondly, if it’s an outdoor date, watching the sun come up together is a romantic and memorable experience as well as a stunning backdrop for conversation.

Finally, ‘dawn dating’ can also be a great way to fit dating into a busy schedule. So many people have busy lives and find it difficult to make time for dating in the evenings. Morning dates can allow for a fun and romantic experience without interfering with other obligations or commitments.

9. Mosting

Mosting is similar to being ‘ghosted’ – it’s when someone makes you feel special and hypes up the future of your relationship, only to then stop all communication.

There are many reasons why this may happen (although none of them is the person who was ghosted’s fault) – for example, they may have a fear of confrontation or rejection so they avoid it at all costs by disappearing.

Alternatively, they may have a lack of emotional maturity or communication skills and, therefore, decide to fade away. And finally, they may begin to suffer with their mental health and choose to deal with it alone.

10. Sober Dating

Sober dating is quite popular amongst singles right now. As the name suggests, this is where people choose to go on dates that don’t involve alcohol (or drugs), and also refers to people who never drink alcohol finding other like-minded people who are also sober.

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