08/03/2018 10:33 GMT | Updated 08/03/2018 10:33 GMT

International Women's Day Quotes: 6 Inspiring Women Give Career Advice


To celebrate International Women’s Day 2018, HuffPost UK has interviewed six inspirational women about their careers, and the advice they would love to have given their younger self at the start of their journey.

Because let’s face it, whether you’re just starting out in the world of work or you are approaching retirement, job insight is always handy (especially with the gift of hindsight). 

  • Chi Onwurah, Labour MP
    “Don’t want until you are ready. And don’t wait until the timing is perfect because that may never happen. Go when any opportunity arises."

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  • Marily Nika, Google Product Manager
    “Stop worrying so much, be less afraid. There are things you can’t control about your career but be active in making your future.”

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  • Lana Elie, CEO of Floom
    "There’s a difference between pushing for something which isn’t right and for something that is, but don't get comfortable."

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  • Lynda Thomas, CEO Macmillan
    “For women we do try and do it all so you have to let stuff go as well. I certainly think I wouldn’t have been as successful if I’d really angsted over every single little decision or worried about stuff which in reality didn’t matter that much.”

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  • Katie Piper, philanthropist, author and presenter
    “Never think in your career that if you get sacked or can no longer do a job, that it is the end. It is never over unless you want it to be.”

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  • Dyan Crowther, Chief Executive HS1 Rail
    “Don’t try to be a man. The minute you try to be something you’re not, you won’t be authentic."

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