01/08/2017 12:03 BST

The Internet Thinks These New Topshop Shoes Look Like Shaun The Sheep, And It's Too Funny

'RIP Shaun' 😂 🐑

The Internet thinks Topshop’s latest footwear design looks like Shaun the Sheep, and we’re here for it too. 

Priced at £26, the ‘Georgia Faux Fur Mules’, which feature a whole lot of cream fluffiness, even have a small hoof-like heel - just like Shaun. 

Taking to Twitter, social media users have been quick to point out the uncanny resemblance between the flats and the fictitious character from ‘Wallace And Gromit’

Georgia Faux Fur Mules

Brighton-based fashion blogger Lily Melrose took to Twitter on 28 July to question the fashion retailer on their design choice:

 And all social media users could think of was Shaun, and sheep. 

And don’t be mistaken, fashion has never put practicalities before fun, but in a country where every day is a rain day, we’re unsure if these fluffy feet would even survive. 

They’re available to buy online now