'Into It' Podcast: 'EastEnders' Swearing, New 'Will And Grace' Plus Kim Woodburn In 'Celebrity Big Brother'

We're dissecting the week's biggest entertainment stories.

In the first edition of ‘Into It’, the HuffPost UK Entertainment podcast, we’re discussing the week’s biggest stories from the world of TV and celebrity, including the loss of ‘The Xtra Factor’ after 13 years on the air, and the controversial ‘EastEnders’ scene which prompted 86 viewers to complain to Ofcom.

Plus, Kim Woodburn’s outburst in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house prompts us to look back at some more past contestants’ most shocking moments, and we dissect what it takes to make a 90s reboot really work.

Take a listen for yourself above.

Accidental Daytime TV Swearing


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