Am I Making You Uncomfortable? – Introducing Our New Weekly Podcast

Tune in for a frank and honest conversation about women’s health, bodies and private lives.

“If you didn’t have discharge, you’d have a dusty vagina.”

When it comes to women’s health and bodies, there’s a lot that makes people uncomfortable. Vaginal discharge, for example, is something most of us experience – a perfectly natural bodily function, in fact – but something we rarely talk about. Do you remember the last time you spoke to someone about the sticky stuff in your knickers? Exactly.

This makes it a perfect topic for our new HuffPost UK Life podcast, Am I Making You Uncomfortable? – a frank and honest weekly conversation about women’s health, bodies and private lives. Think of #AIMYU (yes, there’s a hashtag) as an antidote to the airbrushed beings we’re all supposed to be because, yawn.

Alongside my co-host Rachel Moss and some expert guests, we’re covering under-reported topics and busting taboos – discussing all the things we’re too embarrassed to talk to our mates about, from body image to masturbation and even nipples – so we thought, why not broadcast it for everyone to hear?

We’ve long been proud of our unflinching approach to such topics on HuffPost Life – and we’re excited to bring our newsroom conversations to your ears.

Our very first episode launches on Tuesday May 12, focusing on body image concerns during lockdown. We spoke to mental health campaigner Natasha Devon about the renewed focus on fitness and food in recent months and if we’re at risk of regressing to the dark days before the body positivity revolution.

We’re also making two further episodes immediately available: one concerns discharge and those aforementioned ‘dusty vaginas’; in the other, we’ll be talking about female pleasure and why masturbation is so good for you.

There’ll be a new episode to download every Tuesday. Listen by searching for Am I Making You Uncomfortable? on any good podcast platform and get involved in the conversation on social media by using our hashtag #AIMYU.

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