12 Things You Only Know If You’re An Introvert

Please don't make us socialise.

Most people don’t love the idea of making awkward conversation with people they barely know, but for introverts a poke in the eye is preferable to mingling in a crowded room.

But despite favouring solitude, a new study has revealed that introverted behaviour isn’t holding people back from scaling the career ladder, in fact more CEOs are introverts than extroverts.

So in honour of the wallflowers (who will be running Wall Street by the sounds of it) here are 12 things that will make total sense to you if you are an introvert.

1. Making small talk is your own personal hell.

2. Overthinking everything before words leave your mouth.

3. Thinking that crowd participation is the worst thing that can happen, anywhere, ever.

4. Hating anyone who tries to call you without warning you first (even if it is a friend).

5. Having to give yourself an escape route in any social situation.

6. Turning up deliberately late to parties so you won’t have to introduce yourself to strangers.

7. Having a whole catalogue of ways to avoid awkward conversation.

8. Being secretly pleased when plans get cancelled last minute.

9. Failing to understand how people get FOMO.

10. Finding social situations physically exhausting if they go on for too long.

11. Having been called a grandma more times than you can count.

12. Knowing that the secret to true happiness is reading a book on the sofa at home.