Shyness isn't a bad thing. Let's stop treating it that way.
Anyone who manages an introvert should read this — especially extroverts.
"Have you ever turned your phone off in the middle of a call to act like your phone died. No? Just me... okay."
"Online introverts have been awfully quiet ever since they won the war on parties."
"Introverts be like: How rude of you not to invite me to something I didn't want to go."
If you're an extrovert struggling with self-isolation during the coronavirus pandemic, introverts have advice for you.
"I love it when the plans are mutually cancelled without verbal communication."
It can be tough to prefer to be alone in a world that values boldness and extroversion.
These days many of us are so glued to our phones that we’re out of practice when it comes to conversing in real life.
“The first rule of introvert club is no one has to worry about anyone talking about introvert club.”