This Incredible 'Smart' Dartboard Guarantees A Bullseye Every Time

Mind. Blown.

What if we told you there exists a dartboard that, regardless of how good you are, will guarantee you a bullseye every single time.

Well you’re in luck, because that’s exactly what we’re telling you and honestly, it’s one of the coolest inventions we’ve ever seen.

This incredible invention is the work of Mark Rober, a YouTuber and inventor who creates pretty much anything and everything that springs into his mind.

It is called the Automatic Bullseye Dartboard and has been designed with one simple task in mind: To guarantee even the worst darts player the best score, every time.

By using a series of complex motors and some truly mind-boggling tracking technology the dartboard is able to track and then predict exactly where the dart is going to land.

It then adjusts the board to make sure that where it lands is the bullseye, or very near to it at least!

While many of Mark’s creations take somewhere between 2-4 months this particular invention has taken him a staggering three years.

Initially Mark and his NASA buddy John decided to create their very own piece of tracking software, it was then that they realised the mountain that they were up against.

By using ultra-fast motion-tracking cameras and then fitting the darts with special reflective beads they finally settled on a system that was able to track the darts accurately and fast enough.

We think you’ll agree, the finished article is a masterpiece.

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