Apple's New iOS 10 Finally Lets You Delete Stock Apps From Your iPhone


Apple has finally confirmed that in iOS 10 you will be able to delete the stock apps from the iPhone.

That means Stocks, Weather, Compass and even Mail can be deleted and replaced with a third-party app of your choosing, or indeed none at all.

Along with this small, but arguably vital feature iOS 10 allows you do even more from copy and paste from your iPhone to your MacBook to using Apple Pay on your MacBook.

Of course none of that really matters now that we can finally delete the Stocks app.

Apple's new version of iOS was unveiled yesterday evening at WWDC 2016, the company's major developer conference.

New features for the iPhone include an updated version of Messages which lets you send animations, change the way your messages look and even download third-party apps which specifically enhance the way you can communicate.

A major new update was applied to Apple Music as well, featuring a bold new design that places the album artwork front and centre of the music listening experience.