11 Tweets That Sum Up Our Feelings About Updating To iOS 10

Really not sure how we feel about this📱

We know Apple knows best and they are only updating our iPhones to make our lives easier/full of better emojis.

But every time a new update is launched, including the iOS 10, we can’t help but resent the hours we need to spend re-learning how to use our phone and generally feeling completely out of touch.

1. When We’re Not Quite Ready To Update

2. Because You Think You Know Better

3. You Finally Give In, But Have Instant Regret

4. This Is Going To Take Some Getting Used To

5. At Least The Lasers Will Make Us Feel Better

6. And The Emojis

7. And The Snapchat Potential

8. In Fact, iOS 10 Just Gets Me

9. Sorry For Ever Doubting You

10. But We’ve Still Got To Convince Other People To Update

11. Then You Remember That Even With iOS 10 You Still Have No One To Text

Nevermind then.