Watch iPad Showoff Get Schooled By Child With Hockey Stick

A lesson in humility

Riding a hover board while balancing an iPad on your forehead is hard work.

One man, obviously chuffed to pull of this particular feat, stood near a busy escalator to show off his achievement to passers by.

Sure enough, the public stopped to stare at the one-man wonder doing this thing.

Everything seemed to be going well until he had an unfortunate encounter with a child who was armed with a hockey stick.

The kid, sitting on the shoulders of an adult, happened to waive his hockey stick knocking the precariously balanced iPad off the hover board-riding stuntman.

In October, the police deemed the gadgets illegal to ride in public.

According to the Crown Prosecution Service, 'Hoverboards' like the AirWheel Airboard are actually classed as motor vehicles, which means that:

"As such drivers will require a driving licence and third party insurance. A driver of a self balancing personal transporter will be in breach of section 87 and section 143 Road Traffic Act 1988."


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