11/09/2017 15:37 BST

People Are Worried iPhone X's Face ID Will Stop Them Logging In If They Don't Have Makeup On

The glow up is real.

It’s only been 24 hours since the details of the latest iPhone were leaked (no one actually has their hands on one yet) and people are already worried about not being able to use the device.

Rumours that Apple is ditching the Touch ID function (which we’ve literally all just learned how to use properly, thanks guys) and replacing it with Face ID instead, were confirmed.

Meaning that instead of scanning your fingerprints biometrically, it will use your face as your password - something that would be all well and good if your face always looked the same.

Twitter user Austin Kleha was among the first to voice concern:

And Austin isn’t the only one, many people are worried that after several rounds of contouring, eyebrows and general glow up, our phones simply won’t recognise us.

Some people asked if they would have to consistently turn up with the same makeup look in order to work their phone. 

Or even without makeup, we all have those days when our face just doesn’t feel like cooperating (yeah, you know the ones). 


And drunk faces, cause that ain’t pretty for no one. 

And to be honest people’s fears don’t seem totally irrational when we consider that our iPhone already believes we are 101 completely different people in our selfies (just look at your folders, your makeup and non-makeup will be separated). 

To put it simply, people are just not impressed. 

Tech wizards have been quick to reassure people that the Face ID will rely on slightly more technical aspects than just your makeup, using infrared technology for face detection, allowing for recognition even at weird angles.

Not only that, but you won’t have to hold it up in front of your face like you’re taking a selfie, as some people have feared, as it should work from a resting surface too (ie. on the table in front of you). 

Don’t make us sacrifice the makeup Apple.