Pooping Pig Halts Facebook Live Video Broadcast At Ireland's RTE Radio 1

Never work in showbiz with live animals.

The perils of broadcasting video live on Facebook have been widely chronicled since the format was introduced earlier this year, but they’ve really made a pig’s ear out of this one.

Irish radio station RTÉ Radio 1 was forced to end a Facebook Live broadcast early on Saturday when a pig in the studio decided to void its bowels on the carpet.

The sow, named Martina, had been brought along by a representative from the Irish Pig Society for a chat in the show’s CountryWide segment.

Just seconds into their interview, the special guest did something unprecedented and took a dump on the studio floor.

The pig, not the spokesperson.

“We tried to do a full Facebook Live video - but Martina left us a little present, so it was time to evacuate,” RTE Radio 1 later commented on the video.

Still, who could stay angry at such an adorable little animal?

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