10 Reasons Why September Isn't Really Autumn (So Cheer The F**k Up)

It's not even cold people.

If you Google the phrase ‘Is September...’ the most commonly searched question is: ‘Is September Autumn?’

We are here to categorically tell you, we are in fact still in summer. And it doesn’t officially finish until 22 September - the date of the summer equinox, according to the UK Met Office.

So let’s stop all our moaning and enjoy the last few weeks of summer people!

1. It’s not even cold.

2. August has only just finished.

3. The office air-conditioning is still on.

4. We’re still sweaty AF on public transport.

5. You can wear open-toe shoes without fear of frostbite.

6. Sunset is still after 7.30pm.

7. Beer gardens and al fresco dining are still a viable suggestion.

8. The trees are still green.

9. You aren’t even wearing a jacket are you?

10. When winter actually rolls around we will look back on these days with fondness.

Just you remember that.