22/08/2017 11:08 BST | Updated 22/08/2017 11:58 BST

Ischia Earthquake: Baby Pulled Alive From Rubble After Earthquake On Italian Holiday Island Kills Two

Around 1,000 people fled the island overnight.

A seven-moth old baby has been pulled alive from a pile of rubble after an earthquake hit the Italian holiday island of Ischia, killing two people and injuring dozens more. 

Dramatic footage from the scene shows rescuers digging through debris before finding the crying infant, who was passed on to a team of medics for treatment.

According to local press, a number of other children and adults - including a family of seven -  have also been rescued from collapsed buildings after the 4.0 magnitude quake hit the island just before 9pm last night (Monday). 

GAETANO DI MEGLIO via Getty Images
Rescuers cheered as they pulled a baby from the rubble 
MAURO PAGNANO via Getty Images
Several buildings collapsed in the 4.0 magnitude quake 

Two people died in the incident, Italian officials told Reuters, with one woman killed when she was hit by falling masonry in a church. 

The director of the island’s hospital said around 40 others were injured in the quake, with many victims treated outside after the hospital was evacuated. 

One person at the scene tweeted: “A horrible experience, everything was shaking, plunged into darkness, houses were collapsing... a nightmare.” 

GAETANO DI MEGLIO via Getty Images
Two people were killed in the incident, which injured 40 others 
ELIANO IMPERATO via Getty Images
Around 1,000 tourists and locals fled the island last night, fearing aftershocks 

A small Italian island close to the Capri, Ischia is a popular holiday destination, especially with German tourists. German chancellor Angela Merkel has stayed there a number of times. 

The incident comes just a few days before the first anniversary of a major earthquake that killed almost 300 people in the town of Amatrice in central Italy. 

Fearing potential aftershocks, around 1,000 tourists and residents left the island on ferries overnight, while dozens more waited to leave at the island’s four ports early this morning. 

Meanwhile, helicopters and boats were used to bring more emergency workers from mainland to the island to aid in the rescue effort.