ITV Respond To Claims Classic Shows Including 'Surprise Surprise' And 'Family Fortunes' Are To Be Axed

'Surprise Surprise' and 'The Cube' are rumoured to be among the casualties.

ITV have played down reports that a raft of classic shows including 'Surprise Surprise' and 'Family Fortunes' are to be cancelled.

The Mirror has reported that whole host of retro programmes will be dropped from the schedule, after new channel bosses were tasked with refreshing the channel.

<strong>Holly Willoughby's 'Surprise Surprise' may not return to TV</strong>
Holly Willoughby's 'Surprise Surprise' may not return to TV

Shu Greene, Peter Davey and Sue Murphy are said to be launching new quizzes, game shows and panel shows, instead of bringing back classics like 'The Cube', 'Through The Keyhole' and 'Catchphrase'.

New series of Keith Lemon's 'Through The Keyhole' and Stephen Mulhern's 'Catchphrase' are already in production, and will air on ITV later this year, but after that, it's been suggested it could be curtains for them too.

It's already known that Holly Willoughby's incarnation of 'Surprise Surprise', Vernon Kay's 'Catchphrase' and Phillip Schofield's 'The Cube' will not return to screens this year.

<strong>Vernon Kay on 'Family Fortunes'</strong>
Vernon Kay on 'Family Fortunes'

However, an ITV spokesperson said: “It’s pure speculation to suggest that they may not return.”

The Mirror also claimed it is highly likely the hosts of the retro shows will front some of the new ones, as they will remain in the "ITV family".

She recently said of the show: “We all know how embarrassing parents can be and nobody knows you better than they do. I can’t wait to hear what humiliating secrets they’ll be revealing and see who will regret leaving their love life in the hands of their parents.”

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Holly Willoughby

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