Jack Harlow Teases Celebrity Crush With 5 Hints Pointing To Famous British Actor

The “First Class” rapper was asked about his A-list infatuations after allegedly being spotted making out with an Oscar-nominated actor.

Jack Harlow has a serious celebrity crush — and is giving fans hints about her identity.

The “First Class” rapper recently appeared on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast and, when asked if he had any A-list infatuations, admitted that “there’s someone.” The traits he listed, meanwhile, curiously matched those of a young starlet Harlow was allegedly seen kissing this month.

“We know you love Dua Lipa,” said host Alex Cooper in reference to one of his songs.

Cooper continued: “What other celebrities are you crushing on?”

That question arrived one week after celebrity gossip bloggers on the “Deux U” podcast alleged Harlow and “Don’t Worry Darling” star Florence Pugh were “making out until the early hours of the morning” at an undisclosed venue this month and “having a great time.”

Harlow confirmed on “Call Her Daddy” that he does have a celebrity crush but doesn’t think it’s “mutual.” When urged to come out with her name already, the rapper provided Cooper with a handful of hints about her identity — most notably that “she’s beautiful.”

“I’ll tell you, I’ll give you something,” Harlow told Cooper. “I like a girl next door … so I don’t need any internet presence. I like me a librarian. I like a waitress … I really like London. Those women know how to talk. You know what I mean? They know how to talk.”

While Pugh hails from Oxford and not London, she’s certainly British — and notably starred as a nurse in “The Wonder” (2022). The 27-year-old also arrived in Hollywood with a charm comparable to a “girl next door” but has an active internet presence.

Harlow wouldn't name his celebrity crush, but his hints could all suggest that it's Pugh.
Harlow wouldn't name his celebrity crush, but his hints could all suggest that it's Pugh.
Scott Garfitt/Invision/Associated Press

“I just think the women over there have a certain wit and a certain, you know, they just are cheeky,” Harlow told Cooper about Brits. “Like they read a lot of books growing up.”

Whether the rumors surrounding him and Pugh are true remains to be seen. Pugh notably dated “Garden State” star Zach Braff from 2019 to 2022 and, while being spotted with photographer Charlie Gooch in February, might currently be thinking about Harlow.

The rapper himself certainly knows what he doesn’t like.

“I don’t like mean-spirited energy at all, and I don’t like toxicity,” he told Cooper. “That’s not one of my fetishes, and I know that’s going right now. There’s a lot of guys that are into that. I have no patience for it. And that’s right now. If you ask me when I turn 30, who knows?”


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