01/06/2018 12:12 BST

Jail For Father Who Killed 3-Month-Old Son By Shaking Him And Plunging Him Into Water

He searched online: 'Can babies feel pain?'

A father who killed his three-month-old son by shaking him and submerging him in water has been jailed for 10 years.

Alistair Walker, 27, blamed paramedics for the fatal injuries he inflicted on his son, Ah’Kiell Walker, at home in Gloucester in July 2016.

He was convicted of manslaughter while Ah’Kiell’s mother, Hannah Henry, 22, was found guilty of causing or allowing the death.

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Alistair Walker who has been convicted of manslaughter and child cruelty following a five-week trial at Bristol Crown Court
PA Wire/PA Images
Gloucestershire Police of the interior of the Gloucester home of Alistair Walker and Hannah Henry following the death of their son, Ah'Kiell Walker in 2016

They were also convicted of child cruelty, relating to four broken ribs and a fractured shoulder Walker inflicted on Ah’Kiell weeks before his death.

During that time, Walker made internet searches on his mobile phone including “can I squeeze my baby”, “baby broken ribs” and “can babies feel pain?“.

Judge Sir John Royce jailed Walker for 10 years and Henry for four years at Bristol Crown Court.

“You have decided you will not reveal what you did,” the judge told Walker.

“You thought if you denied everything you would get away with it but the jury was not to be fooled by you.

“You know why he was cold and wet and close to death from a catastrophic brain injury when the paramedics arrived.”

The judge described Walker as a “controlling and manipulative bully” who had used “considerable violence in the domestic setting”.