28/06/2016 07:48 BST | Updated 28/06/2016 12:39 BST

'Loose Women' Star Jamelia Claims She Was Called A ‘Stupid Black B***h’ By Police Officer Following Car Incident

'How can you expect black children to have faith in you if they witness their parents being mistreated like this?'

Loose Women’ star Jamelia has revealed she was racially abused by a police officer after overtaking someone in her car.

The presenter took to her official Facebook page on Monday to recall the incident, claiming a policeman calling her a ‘stupid black b***h’ in front of her two daughters.

In the lengthy post, the 35-year-old admitted she was in the wrong when she overtook another car as she rushed to get to her local train station, but couldn’t believe what happened next.

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The former 'Strictly' star wrote: "I noticed the person had followed us, and was shouting, 'is there something wrong with you, you stupid b***h? You should have waited!'"

Despite apologising, Jamelia said the officer then began swearing in front of her two daughters, Teja and Tiani.

When she asked him to stop, he reportedly replied: “Oh f*** off you stupid black b***h, you lot are sickening'.

Jamelia continued: “Scared, I grabbed my girls, and more or less ran toward the station and didn't look back. As upset as I am about this interaction, I am mostly disappointed because this man was a POLICE OFFICER."

Jamelia went on to say she’s previously experienced "many negative experiences" of the police, but did not want to tait her children’s view of them.

"How can you expect black children to have faith in you if they witness their parents being mistreated like this? It is not OK,” she asked.

"My daughters were disgusted with the officer's behaviour, my youngest described him as a ‘disgrace to his uniform' and my eldest asked, 'shouldn't self-control be the foundation of police training?'

"It was then that I felt at ease, knowing that thankfully, my girls judged the individual and not the police force as a whole."

Jamelia later confirmed that she had reported the incident.

The former singer has previously claimed she is stopped ‘at least once a month’ by police because of the colour of her skin.

She once wrote on Twitter: “The police make me f****** sick… The amount of times I’ve been pulled over for nothing is ridiculous… racism is alive and kicking people.”

Read the full Facebook post below...

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