26/05/2016 14:02 BST | Updated 27/05/2016 19:10 BST

James Bond: 'Warcraft: The Beginning' Star Dominic Cooper Says 'Next Incarnation Will Have To Be Different'

Dominic Cooper is the latest British actor to throw his hat into the ring for James Bond, telling HuffPostUK he’s ready and willing to “be photographed, having a casual chat with Barbara Broccoli in a Lewisham café”.

Dominic, currently starring in TV series ‘Preacher’ and big screen sci-fi drama ‘Warcraft: The Beginning’, previously played Bond’s creator Ian Fleming, which gave him the chance to compare the writer’s ideas for Bond, with those of the Broccoli family, who hold the keys to 007’s screen franchise, and will be scouting for a new superspy to replace Daniel Craig.

“It needs to be different,” says Dominic of the next incarnation.

Dominic Cooper played Ian Fleming on screen

“They’ve been so brilliant, the Broccolis, at changing the idea each time… blonde Bond last time… and so clever at adapting the franchise, keeping it fresh, that whatever they do, it’ll be a different and distinct interpretation.”

And is Dominic different enough? “Yeah, I could do it…” he begins, before the fire alarm goes off in the hotel where we're chatting.

“That’s a sign,” he shouts over the din. “Imagine if I went into full 007 mode now? Dinner jacket, gun. We could abseil down the building.”

The thing I should mention is that interviewing Dominic Cooper is like no other star/journalist interchange. As with our previous chats, he’s always far more interested in what other people think, so while the fire alarm continues to peal, we have an amiable chew over all the usual suspects who’ve been mentioned in the same breath as Bond, until he says, tongue firmly in cheek, “Okay, I’ll have a word, I’ll take a meeting. Ms Broccoli, Maggie’s Café in Lewisham, I’ll be there.”

In the meantime, there’s plenty to keep this most amiable of British stars busy. This weekend sees the release of ‘Warcraft: The Beginning’, director Duncan Jones’ adaptation of the game played by over a hundred million people all over the world. Dominic plays King Llane Wrynn, a leader determined to unite his people against an interplanetary enemy determined to conquer his land. No pressure, then?

Dominic plays King Llane Wrynn in 'Warcraft'

“It’s a massive responsibility and I don’t really know why anyone takes it on,” Dominic agrees. “You’re setting yourself up for failure ultimately, you’re never going to please anyone, the cynics that we are floating in this country, which is what I love about it, by the way.

“When I approach a character, I feel that burden of responsibility but I have to let it go, because if you don’t, these things won’t get made.

“Hopefully people will appreciate this, and other adaptations for what they are, rather than just criticise. I can’t be terrified of what a person somewhere will think, I have to do something. And it’s only most of England…”

'Warcraft: The Beginning' is in UK cinemas from Monday 30 May.