07/04/2016 12:15 BST

James Franco Is Rachel & Joey From 'Friends' In Latest Making A Scene Episode

The movie star is recreating classic TV shows with his own personal twist.

James Franco's 'Making A Scene' is back, and this time the movie star is adding his own twist to the classic TV show 'Friends'.

Donning the classic Jennifer Aniston hairstyle and pulling out his best Joey impression, Franco leads the cast in a very special episode where they deal with Marcel the monkey's drug habit, drinking problems and sexual addiction.

Sitting around their table at Central Perk, the gang have a serious chat with Ross's pet about his issues - leading to Phoebe writing a new song.

Other shows tackled in James Franco's AOL Originals mini-series include 'Game Of Thrones', 'Breaking Bad' and 'Saved By The Bell'.

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