04/04/2016 17:08 BST | Updated 04/04/2016 17:16 BST

James Franco Spoofs 'Sex And The City' And 'Breaking Bad' In Weird Mash-Up

Carrie is the one who knocks.

James Franco is back recreating classic films, TV shows and cult favourites for his AOL Originals series 'Making A Scene', and this time the wheel of mash-ups has chosen 'Breaking Bad' and 'Sex And The City' as its targets.

So the actor and household name has donned a hot pink dress and blonde wig for his portrayal of Carrie Bradshaw, who just happens to be dating former chemistry teacher and world class meth cook Walter White.

In the traditional way, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda meet Carrie for lunch to dish about her new man - but are shocked to hear he's been making illicit substances in his campervan.

Needless to say, the video above contains some strong language and some slightly awkward scenes of James Franco in a blonde wig dating himself in a bald cap and fake goatee.

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