Jamie Oliver Upsets Spanish Fans With Unorthodox Paella Recipe

🚨 Uh oh, #PaellaGate 🚨

Jamie Oliver has upset fans after he tweeted a paella recipe that incorporated rice, chorizo and chicken thighs.

Sharing a link to the recipe online, the TV chef wrote: “Good Spanish food doesn’t get much better than paella.”

Good Spanish food doesn’t get much better than paella. My version combines chicken thighs & chorizo https://t.co/2cXK4xoTfS #recipeoftheday pic.twitter.com/DD0HXY98pM

— Jamie Oliver (@jamieoliver) October 4, 2016

But it would appear that adding chorizo to paella is seen as an insult to traditionalists in Spain.

People took to social media to complain about the recipe, with some labelling it an “abomination”.

Meanwhile others found the funny side and labelled Oliver a “genius” for bringing the people of Spain together.

Needless to say, the internet is now awash with #PaellaGate tweets.

@jamieoliver :0 pic.twitter.com/6tZGR04R92

— Inés Alcolea (@InesAlcolea) October 4, 2016

@jamieoliver @SrJimvill You're absolutely mistaken and your paella's an abomination. Get some callos, mate.

— Alec O'Sullivan (@aleixsalvans) October 4, 2016

Could someone explain to @jamieoliver how to make paella instead of rice & chorizo? cc @chefjoseandres @QiqeDacosta @robinfood #paellagate https://t.co/KTwq01Etcv

— Nacho Ormeño (@nacho_orme) October 4, 2016

@jamieoliver is drawing the wrath of Spain bc he dared to suggest that chorizo might enhance the holy paella. Brilliant. #Paellagate

— JennyB (@BeJenuine) October 4, 2016

#Paellagate Paella is to Valencia as Scouse is to Liverpool. Unless you've grown up on it, you don't say what goes in it. #JamieOliver

— Ruth Gregson (@RG_Bhaji) October 4, 2016

You can't sit with us#paellagate #PaellaValenciana https://t.co/u4fNTDm6Qm

— Sara (@Sharlie_angel) October 4, 2016

While many were genuinely angered by the recipe, others found the funny side and shared their own unorthodox recipes.

.@jamieoliver Hi mate. What do you reckon to my take on #paella ?#Paellagate #PaellaValenciana #JamieOliver pic.twitter.com/hS916g3Lj3

— Matthew Pope (@MatthewWPope) October 5, 2016

@pedroampudia @jamieoliver My version of fish and chips combines aubergines with duck.

— Antonio Villarreal (@bajoelbillete) October 4, 2016

@bajoelbillete @pedroampudia @jamieoliver My version combines yogurt with almonds, ginger, onions and basmati rice, but I call it Biryani

— david serrano (@truchimanbxl) October 4, 2016

Some even agreed that adding chorizo isn’t actually that bad.

In fairness to @jamieoliver I've not found a dish yet that isn't improved by the addition of chorizo! #Paellagate

— Alastair (@alastairmosborn) October 5, 2016

@jamieoliver Touchy Spanish. I've been chucking chorizo in for years...delish! Maybe rename it 'Rice and stuff' #paellagate #paella

— Michael Allman (@michaelallman55) October 4, 2016

In fairness to Jamie Oliver's paella, no one gives a toss when Mary Berry doesn't put swede in a Cornish Pasty. #Paellagate

— Andrew Penfold (@PenfoldOfficial) October 4, 2016

And some even credited the chef for bringing the people of Spain together.

Genuine applause to @jamieoliver for managing what consecutive governments have failed - bringing the Spanish people together. #Paellagate

— YSF | LRSS (@Yusufsays) October 4, 2016

In response to the furore, a spokesperson for Jamie Oliver told The Huffington Post UK: “Jamie gets lots of inspiration from traditional recipes and he loves paella.

“This is his version of the dish. He got his inspiration when on a trip to Spain, a grandmother whispered in his ear to add a bit of chorizo and, as you know, Jamie loves adding distinctive twists.”