Jamie Oliver may have faced the fury of Twitter (and most of Spain) after he suggested adding pork to your paella. But he
But it would appear that adding chorizo to paella is seen as an insult to traditionalists in Spain.  People took to social
When visiting a foreign city it can be all too easy to stick to what you know and Barcelona is no exception. While some people look forward to trying new dishes, many others like to stick to what they already know.
There is nothing the Spanish love more than the three Fs: family, fiestas and, most importantly, food! So much so in fact, that there is a day dedicated to the classic Paella! 27 March is National Paella Day and celebrates the traditional Spanish dish in all its glory.
With Christmas well on its way (hurrah!) and festivities in full swing, I thought I would share a little insight with you about a typical Spanish Christmas or, should I say 'Navidad'. Having spent many a festive season in España, I have seen that it certainly differs to here in the UK, but is no doubt still a magical time for celebrations, families and most importantly, amazing food!
Valencia is rightly famous for its Paella but, for one week only, many of the city's restaurants offer menus at just €20 for lunch and €30 for dinner, using the best of local ingredients.
This dish captures the fresh and crisp Mediterranean flavours of paella. I recommend having a crisp pinot grigio or a chardonnay to bring out the tones and compliment this scrumptious seafood dish.